Vanestro Atlantic


Vanestro Atlantic offers two variants of the seats configuration and a mobile kitchen module. As a van it can transport from 5 to 8 people.

Pop top roof with a tent and a bed
Pop top roof with a tent and a bed
Small gas burner
Small gas burner
Cabinet with drawers and folding system
Cabinet with drawers and folding system
Small sink with tap
Small sink with tap

Possible configurations

The 2 + 3 configuration allows you to take full advantage of all Vanestro Atlantic benefits - comfortable travel and the use of the kitchen module.

If you need a break, simply fold down the second row seats and you have a place to sleep for all passengers.

The 2 + 3 + 3 configuration is the perfect option for everyday use. After removing the kitchen module, you get space for an additional row of seats for 3 passengers.


Waiting time
up to 6 months
Base price
48 000 €
Base vehicle
Ford Tourneo Custom
Number of seats in the van version
Number of seats in the camper version
Type of development
modular, partially removable

Process of developing the roof

Our innovative solution of pop top roofs used in our vehicles is probably the first and the only one on the market. They are made of two thermoplastic plates connected with each other by a polyurethane core - PUR foam.

Creation of 2 layers of the roof - the outer roofing and the inner insert - which is also the soffit in the tent space.

Both inserts are placed in a special press, in which the PUR foams the space between the two roof covers.

Cutting technological surpluses with a CNC robot.

In addition, in the process of vacuum thermoforming, a lower frame is created, which is mounted as a base on the roof of the vehicle around the previously cut hole.

Equipping the roof and frame with all assembly items - tent rails, hinges, locks and handles.

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